About me

As a passionate and dedicated violin artist and professor, music has been a constant presence in my life. From a young age, I was drawn to the mesmerizing sound of the violin, and I have spent years perfecting my craft as both a performer and educator.

Violin Artist

Maria Dorri

Violinist Maria Dorri started to play violin in the age of 7 in New conservatory of Thessaloniki . She started with the professor Evangelos Papadimitris and she graduated from New conservatory of Thessaloniki in 2012. She had, masterclasses with professors as Marina Shelkova, Andreas Papanikolaou and Bension Shamir. She completed her Bachelor of Music in violin performance at codarts university of the arts in 2019 under Natasja Morozova with a Minor in Education.

Maria Dorri performed as a soloist, in ochestras and also with groups in Greece, the Netherlands and Czech republic. She performed in important concert halls such as De Doelen Rotterdam, Megaro mousikis Thessalonikis, Velidio hall in Thessaloniki, in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki & University of Macedonia and many other places.

She is currently freelancing with ensembles and orchestras in the Netherlands and abroad. Orchestras & ensembles:

Dimitris mitropoulos orchestra
Youth symphony orchestra of Greece
Young musicians without borders
Codarts symphony orchestra
Codarts pop orchestra
Metropole orchestra
La tempesta
Symphonisch collectief
Gouwe hart orkest
Zuid Hollands Symphony Orkest
Thousand miles duo (with the pianist Arisa Papadimitri)
Laria duo (with the cellist Laura Gonzalez Bardenes)
Provata kommatia
Some of the musicians she has worked with:
Evangelos Papadimitris
Marina Shelkova
Natasja Morozova
Karolos Trikolidis
Noune Donikian
Katerina Saketta
Theodoros Papadimitriou
Andreas Papanikolaou
Gordon Nikolic
Mark Warman
Jacques van Der Merr
Igor Gruppman
Arne Visser
Walter Reiter
Tim Kliphuis
Hans Leenders
Bension Shamir
Ai Horton
Dominic Sierat
Jules Buckley

Maria has been playing in important projects in dirrerent genres as classical, pop, cinematography music, contemporary classical and world music as greek folk, flamenco and tango

In 2022-2023 she took part in the project ‘’χάρτες’’ (maps) of Fani Traikou and she composed her first 2 pieces